This book has been very good for my heart. Every verse hits straight into my whiny complaining self and the girls also remind me that I have to live a Christ like life.

Like how cool is this?? A bike that converts into a stroller!!!

It's from a company called Taga and it's called the Taga Bike Stroller. Costs a few K though…

I wonder if I can rent it and test it out. Would be mad cool to cycle this to the market and stuff!

@lynnnnn thanks for asking so I can share!
For babies tbh they have v limited attention span so they're not into books. I mostly read my babies board books which they chewed or just threw around.

I was gifted the baby bible storybook (green version) for no1 so when no2 was born I bought this pink one. It is well chewed and well loved! I don't think I've finished reading all the stories to them yet because they have their favorites which I read on repeat…

I also have this which had lasted all 3 kids! This also teaches colors, sounds and what animals eat.

So far so good no one has torn off the flaps! Which means that it's either very sturdy or we have been ultra vigilant haha.

This is another favorite of mine because it has colored beads which my kids liked to play with. It teaches the salvation message and each color had a meaning.

There's a lot of text for this though so I dont manage to finish reading before they flip to page…

The youngest getting into the memory verse memorization!

He's singing "go go go". Baby steps first!

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