Went to a friend's place and saw all these lovely wooden toys…now am lusting after this personalized name puzzle thingy that she got!

It's 49.90 in SGD and 29.90aud…I want to go holiday in aus NOW

Another super cool wooden toy…rainbow stackers! She had a smaller set, but you can actually sit on this one!

She also intro-Ed me to a brand called Plan Toys which has all sorts of lovely wooden toys…there's an outlet in Thailand which is 20% cheaper than Sg…maybe a holiday there is in order too.

But at the end of the day, I look at my still unpacked boxes and mountain of toys and regretfully have to say I don't need so many things….

All the same its nice to look. SOBZ

And since I'm looking shall continue to list down stuff that I like! Citiblocs! I've seen pictures of them and it's really cool…wanted to get when the Husband was in the States but they couldn't ship to him on time. (Bet he was super relieved…)

Browsing ELC and I realised I have a similar set somewhere in the house…gotta find it before little pooper is too big for it!!


And this mother garden playset is still buried somewhere too…but it's pink and with little bits so Didi can hold off playing with it.

If you don't have a kitchen set yet, get this brand! Their kitchen sets are super beautiful! Not sure if they're made in China though…

I'm on a wooden roll today! Searching for a puzzle album I saw on FB the other day but I stumbled on this instead! It's a puzzle guestbook for weddings! Like how cool is this…

All the same I can imagine someone losing a piece while writing it at the reception table and the couple going bonkers trying to piece it all together and stressing over the missing piece haha! #dayrebrides

Found it! It's a Pinterest hack CHEY I thought they customised it for you (#lazymother)

So you paste the pictures in the shapes which will make baby smile each time they open it! Quite nice huh…

Side note: what is this magical Modpodge I've been reading about? Is it found in Sg??

Still thinking about the wooden stackers…#rainbowenvy

Bliss… The older ones are knocked out because they went to school early today, and the youngest is quietly nursing and falling asleep. It's magic (half) hour for me!!!

Will have to brave the crowds on public transport later though. Bus is def easier than train, by virtue of having more seats to choose from. At least the girls are well trained and know how to get on and off quickly, and for Didi there's trusty Beco.

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