Was browsing my FB groups when I came across this mom recommending fresh milk from dairy folks.

Singapore has a dairy farm?!? Which delivers! I know of the Vishnu farm and Hay Goats but this one is new so decided to try.

And of all the days, my fridge decided to give up the ghost today so I have to eat the ice cream immediately…it's a good thing though, because the ice cream is delicious! A little like 黑 but not so dense.

My kids are not around so this 100g is MINE!

My oldest has reached a new milestone! Her baby teeth are dropping!

I hope it isn't too early. Wonder when the adult teeth will grow and fit in.

I confess. I still brush her teeth because I cannot stand the way she does it. I don't want to spend a ton at the dentist's just so she can do it independently.

Oh phew she's doing ok!

Wow isn't it cool? The first teeth are usually the first to fall. That means that tooth has been in use for the past 6 years…and adult teeth can last for a long time!

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