Midweek hump day. Just gotta get past it and we'll reach the holiday!

I love public holidays very much now. They're so precious because it means The Husband is around to spend time with us. School holidays are stressful, because I just don't know how to occupy the children MEANINGFULLY. They have lots of pretend play by themselves, but there's also lots of bickering and squabbling and crying too.

Oh well they say it gets better as they grow older…

Went to collect mooncakes from Marriott. They had such strange flavors like bah kwa and sour plum/lime puree. Since my MIL makes really good traditional mooncakes I opted for the newfangled snowskin assortment. Nobody gifts SAHMs mooncakes so sad….

This looks really fun but it's so far away and on a Friday morning. Or is it the school holidays that's why the timing is so weird?

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