Weekend was spent making lanterns out of recycled material.

Actually the only thing recycled was the milk bottle the rest was all stuff that my friend brought along. I think I probably spent more on this "recycled" lantern…

Oh well what to do the school requested for it.

The finished product! So simple and cute, very doable esp with a hot glue gun haha!

Crazy pose.

Waiting for The Husband to land and come home safely! I survived 9 days of solo parenting yeah!

It's really so much better in Sg. I had my parents, my brother, my MIL, my BIL & SIL not to mention their godparents and my friends to help and entertain them. Being human I still felt grumpy when I had to do night duty and bathe with screaming toddler at the door but but I am thankful I had HELP. Like lots of help.

But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Through this I learn that I cannot rely on myself or people, the only one that I can depend on is God. Even when I'm screaming my head off at spilt milk (two days in a row ARGH) or getting irritated because the littlest is barnacle-ing my leg, I know that I have the strength to get through the trial because.

Still have lots of rough edges to smoothen out though sigh. Character building never ends!

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