Finally!! My taobao loot is here!

Cup tree! Nice and sturdy but volumetric weight was a killer! Next time must buy things that can be dismantled so shipping is cheaper.

Floral print backpack and Peppa pig name stickers.

Quality is ok, there are quite a lot of compartments so I'm happy! It's very flimsy though so can't be used as a rubbish bag; the straps will probably give way!

I *think* it can be machine washed; always useful when things get spilt inside.

Close up of the sticker labels. I wanted to get already printed ones but they're beyond me; maybe next time!

I really like the sticker books! They're quite sturdy and they have different themes like counting, creativity, language and I dunno what is 思维?patterns? Logic?

The stickers are easy to paste and everything's colorful and cute.

Downside is the books are in chinese so they kept asking me what the story is about…u can guess where the stickers should go but for the maths one def have to sit with them and tell the story! Educational but can't keep them occupied while I'm busy…

Ok this is the other set of sticker books (can you tell I'm a sucker for stickers…)

This one is not so "cheem" so very doable without parental guidance! I like!

And I wonder if littlest can actually do it… They say from 0-3 years! (Ok it's an excuse to paste them myself…)

The left side says paste the balloons, and the right side says paste similar fruit/veg on the houses.

If only they had english books too….

I'm. Itching. To. Do. Them…

Coloring books!

This one's pretty basic but the paper is good for coloring. Not with markers though it'll bleed through but with pencils and crayon.

Bought this for the girls to learn Chinese and er…follow instructions

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