Online shopping bug has bitten me hard! This honestbee is really fast, but the worker bee is a little blur, because he actually left his wallet in my grocery bag!!!! 😱😱

I searched the wallet for contact details but could only find his address. Then I searched the website for a number to call, but there was only an online form.

Fortunately I bought another order and the other delivery guy was his friend so I could hand it off to him. Phew!

I bought 30 dollars worth of stuff and paid 20 thanks to @raisingfaith's code! It came at the right time because the kids R sick and I can't bring them out to shop.

Shall go and look for more stuff to buy…but I seriously wonder how they make a profit from it? How to pay their drivers and shoppers, maintain their website and give discounts?

Emo nemo

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