Nostalgia is big business man.

Trying out 65daigou but I foolishly chose the "nearest warehouse" option and now I have 1 item going to Guangzhou instead of all at Shanghai ah! Anyone knows how to change it?

Yay sorted out the problem!

So the reason I chose 65daigou is because I keep seeing their van at my MIL's place everytime I go over for dinner. It's a sign!
And also the fact that it'll be easy to collect the things…

Oh my sleeping child!
This girl has been especially cranky the past few days. I think it's because she didn't get her afternoon nap. I made her lie down in her room but she spent 20 mins arranging her blanket, staring out of the window and basically Not sleep.

After that it was time to pick the oldest and i was so annoyed with her I made her sit on the sofa till 430.

And she waited till 430 before she slept. GRRR

And when you have more than 1 child, you know they will definitely kachiao each other…

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