Aunty hood means:

Comparing prices between NTUC and NTUC finest. Did you know that the exact item is priced differently?

So happy that it's TV hour! They're happy because they can finally watch their DVDs borrowed from the library, I'm happy because I don't have to listen to their endless questions and sniping. Didi isn't too into Diego but he's outvoted.

Watching some channel 8 show while waiting for the news. It has some young actor from ah boys to men acting as a celebrity tour guide in China. The tourists are all retired aunties and uncles and I'm wondering if they chose this tour because or despite of him…

Whatever it is, I hope watching chinese shows makes it easier for my kids to pick up the language!

This is me going up in flames while explaining to the oldest that we can't do a belated birthday celebration on Thursday because nobody is free. Offered the Saturday but she keeps repeating ad nauseum that it must be Thursday because it's the 27th.

And her birthday is not even this month!!! ARGH

Kids just wear you out with their one track mind.

Ah peace and quiet again…now my husband is bugging me to go to bed so that I won't be a grouch in the morning.

But but but quiet time is very important right??

Ok will go to bed now. Hope the eldest will forget about the 27th, the second will be happy and the youngest less whiny.

And while I'm hoping I also hope to magically drop 10kg haha!

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