Sigh can't sleep again. When it's not jetlag it's the toddler being fussy. And when the toddler settles down then the oldest cranks up because she's hot and not feeling well. And when she finally falls asleep (with the occasional whine/murmur/groan) I'm too awake to sleep!

Anyway must record memorable moments. The littlest started walking last week (on wed?thurs?) and he's walking 90% of the time now! So that milestone is reached at 14 months.

And he turned 15 months old yesterday. Er..yay?

He's getting over the jetlag (probably because all that walking is wearing him out) and he loves smiling at strangers and grabbing their bags/hands/arms. So while walking outside I have to be careful because his hand will suddenly reach out and piak someone! Not so nice when you're in rush hour and the person frowns at you.

All the same I've made more small talk these few trips because of his friendliness! So babies really do break the ice!

Super lazy Saturday afternoon. The Husband wanted to catch the Aerial display but with the drizzle and no car it's a no go. So we're nuaing at home instead.

This was little pooper at our church anniversary earlier. He chomped a hotdog bun, drank some soyabean milk and kept aiming for other people's snacks! There was a crowd admiring his appetite and my mom just sent pics of him to all his uncles announcing his accomplishment…

It's quite ironic because she believes that my girls should be skinny and not normal weight, contrary to the whole 越大越好school of thought espoused by grandparents. Maybe he's a boy so double standards hmm…

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