It's day 5 and we're still trying to sync our body clocks to Sg time. Sleeping late doesn't work, sleeping early doesn't work, going kaikai makes us tired but not tired enough to sleep through the night.

I think it's because we're not on holiday so there isn't the incentive to get tuned back quickly; plus we've finished most of our errands so I'm happy to let them sleep in (and get more extra zzz myself)!

Next week they're starting Kindy, so we'll have to all FALL IN!

Anyway some quick thoughts on coming home –

1. public transport is good, but is really crowded! The emptiest I saw it was at 4pm, and that train was on its way to meet the city hall crowd

2. People who give up their seats are mostly ladies. And everyone stares at their hps!

3. City life is noisy…the cars, the people, the patriotic songs; even at home you can hear your neighbours talking.

4. Lots of different accents now. But there is integration so it's not so bad.


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