D DAY – do or die day!

Lovely sunrise to accompany my last minute surge! Wonder if the movers will be friendly later…we have lots of stuff!

Moving lorry is here! So big!!

1/3 of our stuff.


We were given 18 cubic meters and so we just happily packed everything loosely thinking that we had space.

When the movers came they looked and said we exceeded slightly so we panicked and started dismantling our bicycles etc.

However after we more or less finished putting the stuff in, they said the whole container was allocated to us so we could have actually brought everything up. I think they were just reluctant to move so much…

I think it was because my Husband being Mr Nice Guy bought drinks for them so they just closed one eye and moved everything in for us! So thankful that my shelves and everything went in; my Husband was forcing me to choose which to leave behind and I couldn't do it…

The container is gonna sail from Bordeaux today; hope it reaches us before end Aug.

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