Hot and sunny in France…

Cold and dreary in the UK! There were lots of British tourists on our flight they must have been sad to leave the warmth and return to the cold…

Uno filter makes everything look brighter!

Watching the graduation ceremony outside the hall! It's not even the Husband's cousin; we were waiting for them and decided to sit down and nua.

Happily posing with their auntie's bouquets! Cardiff was filled with graduating students and their proud relatives!

Meantime Little pooper is playing with his uncle. This uncle is so sweet to him; he'll carry him around and play with him non stop! I was a very free mummy today!

Had dinner at Burger & Lobster. Yum!

My meal…it didn't look like much (am I being greedy??) but it was actually enough. And I even gave up a claw to the Husband!

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