Yesterday the girls went to a friend's birthday party, so I took little pooper out for a little shopping too. Here he is pressing all the buttons and being fascinated by the cars.

They parler Francais though, so cannot buy haha! I think it's really amazing how big brands are everywhere! Where are the cute unique French toys? Then again I went into a shop called maxi toys which is a chain like toysrus, so it has big/popular names only.

@lilianpinto I saw these at Gifi! The designs are definitely not as intricate as yours and they seem more like illustrations off the internet!

Shall save money and buy the real thing! (Meantime I tried coloring their little Einstein picture and I think my girls can still do a better job than me 😝)

The teachers here are super efficient man! They went for the excursion on mon and the photos are up! She looks quite cute here haha!

This is so cute! Searching for teachers day gifts and saw it. It's from etsy by fishcakesohboy and going for the princely sum of €44.57.

There are so many great teacher day quotes for English but I can't find any in French! Do you think "star teacher" means the same thing in French if I direct translate it??

Play date! Little pooper has many friends his age because of the productivity of Sgporeans here haha!

Teachers' presents done! Stickers are very useful, although they did go a little extreme with the star stickers!

I wrote the messages at the back in case it's not correct! I googled and came up with these 2 quotes:

The Husband was tasked with asking the interpreter whether the sentiment would be the same in French.

He said they were busy so he asked the guy who married a local.

This is the translation he provided:

So for #3, he said there isn't the same "star teacher" idea here so he translated it to no1 teacher from the stars….

Well at least the others sound ok!

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