Someone's coming to look at our dining set and fridge today I hope they buy it…am sad to see stuff go but 旧的不出新的不来!

Anyway I hope they want our other furniture too…moving house is def lots of work!!

Went yet again to another children's clothing store to shop…this is okaidi and I love their dresses! All cheerful and happy prints!

I saw their size 14 was for 156cm and tried the dress but sadly it was too short and tight! If not I would have bought matching dresses with my daughters…

Hmm on hindsight it's just as well that I don't wear matching stuff with them. I'll look so chui in comparison!!

Roadworks progress. Since April, they've torn up the road, moved the power poles from one side to the other, and generally made it difficult for us to get out of the house.

At least today I see some tarring! Even though it's on the pavement and not the main road…

I hope it's completed before we move I can't imagine our moving truck bumping along and breaking all our stuff!

"I need to stop shooting electricity at aunties… Must disguise my cuteness"

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