Yay! I have reasons to #buybuybuy because there are 2 upcoming weddings I have to attend!

Hmm it's a very flimsy reason but it's still good enough!

So for now, I can shop for:

2 Weddings
CNY outfits!

Fortunately (or unfortunately) when the kids go back they'll be in school and have to wear school uniforms during the week. I suppose I could buy comfy pjs for them but that's sorta pushing it…

Ok so much for purposeful shopping… I saw the petit bateau for 50% off and just grabbed it. At least the lighting McQueen can pretend it's for CNY day dunno what because it's red.

On a more positive note I put back the petit bateau bodysuits for girls…I'm not going to have a 4th kid even if they are cute and cheap!

But seriously the girl prints are so much nicer! Flowery and pink!

Ok CNY/Christmas sorted for didi! The material is so nice and comfy…and they have such cute prints!

Hello happy dog! I didn't like the green shirt that much until I turned it over and saw this. Can u say sucker?

Dresses for the girls to wear during Christmas and wedding. I like the traditional look for Princess because she had the angmoh pretty look. And the older girl can pull off these shift dress because she's tall and lanky (I'm sure my mom is very happy because she always told me to eat less; now she has a granddaughter who's skinny like her haha!)

Anyway I must say I'm really impressed with the salesperson at the kids clothes store! I walked in just to buy the dresses, and came out with clothes for didI as well because of her excellent service!

I was just browsing the 60% off rack for didi and asked her if she had his size for a particular shirt. She didn't because it was old stock, but she proceeded to BRING OUT A HUGE BOX OF BOYS CLOTHES and told me to see if there was anything I wanted, all at 60% off!

And that's how I ended up with his cute shirts and funky shorts. And best of all, she convinced me to sign up for their membership (only 4€!) even though I'm leaving France in less than a month's time…it's cos you get additional 10% off stuff!

So I *think* I earned back the 4€ fee😂

Anyway anyway the sales just get better as the month progresses so when my MIL comes we can hit the shop again and #buybuybuy! yay!

Super pooper's reward for going shopping with me. He's such a big boy now *tear*

But still no token for the machine that's only for special occasions or when it's 20cents hahaha. Are there still 20c rides in Sg???

#auntyhood is lamenting the fact that I can't buy these super cheap baby wipes…even though I still have 3 big packs at home.

Met my shopping sifu while leaving the shopping centre shes a woman on a mission! Yesterday she covered the whole of biganos (about 20 mins drive away), today she's conquering la Teste and tomorrow she will do the Gujan round. Amazing…

Oh dear I drove home during lunch time when they stopped work and now they've started and I can't drive out to pick the girls up…OH NO! Means the Queen will have to skip her Chinese class today ): Hope she doesn't kick up a big fuss she's a creature of routine.

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