Thinking of what to get for my Dayrekidshappymail mortals…so hard so hard! I'm stuck at home now cos they're doing roadworks outside my gate, so online shopping it is!

Can't wait to buy and send it out heh.

Hmm I realise I don't post much about my kiddos…what should I say that will help?

Ok I guess for the girls, they like girly stuff. The oldest likes painting, doodling, dreaming and all things pink. The youngest is a sweet talker who is into whatever her sister is into. So right now, they're into stickers and blocks and princesses. And saying "I win! You lose!" To irritate each other…

For the youngest, he's a ball of energy. And his favorite thing is mama. Mamamamamama all day long!

Oh! And they love receiving mail! Even my credit card statements are greeted with ecstatic cries of happiness! So their sweet angels can send a piece of paper with their nicknames and they'll be content. Heh.

Ok I really can't think of anything to say shall continue my online browsing….

Just came back from the dentist. No2 had a chip on her front tooth when she was abt 1 which resulted in tooth decay. W've been going to the dentist to patch the hole every so often, because the composite drops off easily.

This is her 6th visit in the span of nearly 2 years! 💸💸💸 I hope the composite lasts when we're back in Sg because pediatric dentists in Sg cost an 💪 and a leg! The alternative is Polyclinic with long waiting times (months!)

Happy picture of the two older ones! They look like twins here must fatten the older one…

I was browsing through hashtags and one of the trending ones is a sec3 June english assignment! Dayre is now a homework platform! Reminds me of the good old days where we assigned our students a blog assignment…I think most created a blog specially for it and did their personal blogging elsewhere. Although some did link their friends blogs and we read all their innermost secrets.

English teachers – conquering social media everywhere!

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