Yay it's Friday and D DAY!! The Husband is on the way home and there's someone to cook for me and watch the kiddos while I bathe and relax one corner.

Happy happy happy!

Playing with sand again, this time on top of the Dune du Pyla!

My view while feeding him…nearly died climbing up with him but ok lah for the sake of friendship must do it.

Finally the busy week has ended! Can take a rest now…poor Husband had to drive our friends back to Bordeaux cos dinner ended late I hope he comes back by 11. 辛苦了!

Meanwhile it's time to sleep with the littlest. He is still having greenish mucus and I feel quite bad for dragging him along to so many places. But if we follow his schedule we'll never go anywhere! Sad fact of subsequent children- they follow your day haha.


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