Going to be a cool cat today and take things slow and easy. The first night sans Husband was difficult but we all survived!

Now to survive a lunch, beach outing, dinner and cleanup after!


Planning what to cook based on number of dishes to wash…

Steamed minced meat, roasted broccoli with rice or porridge with roasted broccoli?

If I steam the meat I will have to activate the rice cooker, but that's ok because it's v easy to wash. If I do porridge I have to wash the pot and watch the fire, but it should be tastier? Either way the veg gets roasted because they don't like plain broc and stirfrying needs one more pot…

Come back soon husband…

Beach outing checked! No filter needed because the weather is really fantastic!

Littlest busy digging. He was very unwilling to touch the sand at first, but slowly took the shovel and starting digging.

Soon after he decided to eat the sand and there was no turning back!

Am able to dayre now because he fell asleep on the way home and now I must wait a while before bathing him because you can bathe immediately after waking up. Or is that ah old wives tale too?

Yay participating in #dayrekidshappymail because my girls always ask if there's mail for them…now there will be!

This is like turbocharged penpals!

Everyone is asleep! Trying to sleep too it but it's too early at 9pm…

I want to go and eat ice cream to celebrate but we ran out of cones must buy some tomorrow!

2 more sleeps till my solo parenting gig is over I just can't wait!


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