Our mood today – MOROSE.

The Husband is going for a work conference and I'm going to be alone for 3 days and 3 nights sobsobsob.

Then for some strange reason this little fellow decided that he HATES taking medicine again. Sat, Sun and Mon he obediently swallowed…Tue 4am he suddenly decides that the syringe is his worse enemy and BUUUUs it all out and squirms like there are ants all over his body.

Nevermind we will get there. Or die trying hahaha!

Hmm 37.9c now. Not too high should I give him doliprane or Advil? Which will have less screaming and squirming?

Decisions decisions….

Ok everyone's mood is better now after a little nap.

So Daddy don't feel guilty! (Just come back with presents….lots and lots of prreeeeessssseeennnttts😘)

And it's sunny again yay! I'm so glad I stay in the tropics where there is lots of vitD.

The girls were playing with my phone yesterday…the end result is so funny (for their parents lah).

Think they need more lessons to actually focus on their subject haha!

Poor kiddo has a blocked nose and has to breathe through his mouth. Now he's very agitated because he wants to nurse but he can only do one or two sucks before latching off to breathe.

Runny nose please run away…👃🏃🏃🏃

I saw baby_fitgym on Instagram and its majorly majorly inspiring…her baby is her weight!!! And she works out while the baby plays around her….

Need to unfollow foodie accounts and follow all these exercise accounts, because 近朱者赤 近墨者黑 😊

Photographic evidence that everyone is Alive and surviving…this is a semi-circle box, whatever that means.

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