Monday's here, and it's not a blue one cos its a holiday!!

Seriously May in France is fantastic, there are 3 holidays and 2 of them make long weekends (Armistice Day and Whit Monday), and the last weekend is Mother's Day! The Sgporeans here have been traveling around and my facebook feed is flooded with pictures of fantastic scenery and theme parks..

Must add to the collection too once the kids are better!

Yesterday we invited the Husband's colleagues over for dinner. The Husband wanted to feed them well and went all out. He wanted them to 吃了流眼泪 😭

So we had 四菜一汤!
Chicken soup
Cai por egg
Tomato fish
Roast pork
Kang kong

And for dessert they brought strawberry tart and cherries. 🍰🍒 I will miss the cherries and delicious desserts when I go back…

But anyway, today I thought it was funny how they were here for 3+ hours, and none of them used the toilet!

We had quite spicy stuff and they drank lots of water, so I'm surprised no one went. Or is it because I'm a parent and I keep having to monitor my kids' toilet times (when we go somewhere before we leave I always insist that they pee first before driving off bec user who knows where the next toilet will be) that I become hyper aware of other people's toilet habits? Or adults' 忍功 is just much better?

Yeah anyway too much time to think about rubbish like this haha.

Bright red poppies growing in the garden! Such a nice splash of color to the weeds. I always associate poppies with the war because as students we had to wear a paper poppy visiting Kranji war memorial.

Poor super pooper had some splinters on his left foot and cried pitifully while his daddy dug them out. I feel so guilty letting him wander outside without socks now )):

No more bare feet summers!!!!

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