Baking today! Have to use up the almond meal, chocolate chips and coconut flour before going home…I hope it tastes as good as it smells!

3.27pm – cookies have been left to cool in the fridge but I haven't baked them yet because no3 is stuck to me….first clinging onto my legs, now drinking in his sleep. )): maybe it's because we went to visit a mum who just gave birth and he felt threatened that he's no longer the cutest kid on the block??)

But the baby is so small and delicate! 2.9kg and sleeping peacefully! I don't miss newborn days, but I miss the silence haha.

430 yeah got them into the oven!! Looks very…rustic but still edible!

I find the uno filter most attractive for warm tones….all those lovely fats coming my way!

Result! It's funnily shaped because who has the time to shape them properly while young punks are clinging to you?

It's not too sweet and the coconut provides a nice mouthfeel. Yay!

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