Reached Prague on labour day and it was a lllooooongggg flight from Italy to prague on wizz air. Long because we had to wait at the airport, get treated super badly by the counter staff of wizz air and Q way before the plane even arrived.

On a side note, wizz air's inflight magazine is really interesting because it has lots of info about the less known places like Romania, Georgia and Macedonia! Makes me wanna go to those places!

After the many meaty Ang Moh meals we decided we needed a rice fix with veg. Also, the Husband's colleague said that Prague had good chinese restaurants which were quite cheap.

So we had chinese 2 dinners in a row!

Since we rented a car we drove out to Terezin, which used to be a Jewish Ghetto during WW2.

We visited the small fortress beside it. It used to be a military fortress which was then converted into a prison for both Jews and political prisoners. The surroundings were situated in beautiful farmland and there were daisies and dandelions growing all over. What a contrast to the suffering and desolation there.

We waited for the guided tour and it was very interesting. Only for an hour, so the girls could tahan phew!

Some snippets learnt:
The guy who started WW1 with his assassination of the archduke franz Ferdinand was imprisoned in Terezin and died there.

The camp had this section which was so well built that they only needed 1 guard to watch over 5000 prisoners.

They separated POWs from Jews here because of the uprising in a camp in Sobibor.

"During a revolt of 14 October 1943, about 600 prisoners tried to escape; about half succeeded in crossing the fence, of whom around 50 evaded capture. Shortly after the revolt, the Germans closed the camp, bulldozed the earth and planted it over with pine trees to conceal its location. The site is occupied by the Sobibór Museum, which displays a pyramid of ashes and crushed bones of the victims, collected from the cremation pits thereafter."

From wikipedia

The guide talked about how they knew of 15 camps where the prisoners from Terezin were sent to, but there must have been many more like Sobibor which were covered up by the Nazis when they were about to lose.

And he talked about how the Nazis fled when they knew the Soviets were coming, preferring to surrender to Americans…hmm. I guess the Russians are more brutal?

Sunday – Karlstejn castle

Today is the prague marathon and the roads in the city centre are closed! We decided to head out again and went to Karlstejn castle. It's about 30 mins away by car.

As its on high ground they offered this horse carriage ride to bring you up from the car park! We had to wait quite awhile because people kept cutting our Q 😠

Super happy to take the ride can even give me a V sign! It was v bumpy and smelly and the horse pooed on the way up, much to the delight of the girls!

Supposedly the most beautiful castle in Czech Republic…er ok.

While waiting for the guided tour, these kids were just climbing up and down to walls. Its maybe 1.5-2m high??? The parents were super chill about it which is quite cool. I also wanted my daughters to try haha but they were more interested in eating and running around.

My husband is an animal magnet! We went to the nearest restaurant after our castle visit (ok only not really suitable for kids.) and this cat just came into the restaurant and jumped onto my husband's lap! The girls were v taken with him (it's a tomcat called David) but he ignored all of us. Humph.

Another animal which was staring at me throughout the meal…good thing I didn't chose any venison dish haha!

After the castle tour we went to search for some place to NUA and found a shopping centre! It had Tesco and I saw this there!! So old school I like! Wanted to buy but resisted because I didn't want the girls to eat too many sweets…

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