Hahaha we're in weird poses cos no2 wanted to take our picture. So funny!

Typical grey, dingy buildings seen in Bratislava. They're a developing country so I guess they're also constantly building. Sadly it's not very well maintained and there's a lot of graffiti on the walls everywhere, resulting in an even more run down feel.

There are some very lovely old buildings too though! This is the post office. Looks really elegant right?

The old town where everything is maintained beautifully with nice cobblestone roads. Guess places where tourists visit have more budget for maintenance!

Statue at the main city square area. This is supposed to be a napoleanic soldier listening in to your conversations.

Michael's Gate. One of the entrances into the old town, it has clocks on only 3 of the 4 sides. The reason one side was left out was because the residents there didn't want to pay the tax for the clock so the city council didn't put a clock there haha! These random bits of info always stick in my head better than all the serious history…

Gargoyles shaped as animals. This used to be a convent but is now an exhibition hall.

When I look at churches, I'm always amazed at how ornate they are. Can't imagine the artisans sitting there and slowly chipping away at the stone to form all the sculptures…

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