Went to Driny caves today to see stalactites and stalagmites. The tour was conducted in Slovak so we didn't really understand much. A little boring for the girls….but it was a super good workout cos we had to walk 30 mins uphill from the car park to reach the cave, walk up and down steps inside during the tour and walk back again…my legs were jelly at the end!

Fortunately there was a nice restaurant at the end near the car park and we had our lunch there! The whole menu was on Slovak and google translate wasn't working cos the cell reception was weak…the waitress didn't speak English too so we were quite lost. Fortunately a man from the next table stepped up and helped us translate. Phew!!

Venison goulash! Very tender meat and the stew is quite flavorful (tomato-y/paprika taste) but I couldn't eat much because I kept thinking about Bambi….plus I'm just an unadventurous eater in general…

Happy boy sitting on the table waiting for food. He's been really clingy these few days have we been overindulging him?!?!? I didn't bring the stroller along for this trip and we've been carrying him in the beco and now he wants to be carried all day long…

Or maybe he's just overtired because whatever routine he has has been thrown out of the window. Anyway check out the poor husbands eyebags! Seriously exhausted!

Decided to go back to eurovea for dinner because we wanted more bubble tea and yogurt haha! Googled the english menu so that I know what to order…

More statues! They're v auto now just move into position everytime they see a statue

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