Currently nua-ing again in the hotel room😔 sometimes I think we're really homebodies; the girls just like the TV, tub and comfy beds while I just enjoy the fact that I don't have to do housework!

View from our hotel enhanced with filter. It's very sunny so looks cheery. But there's nothing much of interest here; it's more of a business hotel…that's a hospital block *i think*

Our destination today…we wanted to explore the Driny cave but missed the timing because the rental car came late. So this is the next option. It's more of ruins than an actual castle.

Forced to pose at the bottom of the castle. There is a park with people cycling, rowing and chilling out.

Steep uphill climb to the castle…fortunately we bought popcorn at the beginning so that was all the incentive they needed to climb hahaha.

There are goats grazing in the fields and everybody is snapping like crazy. The fence is supposedly an electric fence but people nonchalantly stuck their hands through to feed them. No budget for the electricity?

View from midway. I think there's the old town somewhere in the picture.

My wannabe artistic shot. This used to be a palace. Hmm.

Slovakia is quite a hilly country.

I might be wrong, but this should be the Danube river. It's quite cool to think of a river that cuts through so many countries; in the past going down the river might possibly be the fastest way of getting somewhere?

After the touristy bit, we had to handle more mundane matters like laundry. Self service laundromat don't seem very common and this was the only hit on Google. It's in a residential area which is one of reasons we got a car to drive around. Flipper wash has such a nice sound to it, the girls were actually excited to go there!

A block of flats opposite flipper wash. Looks like a HDB to me. This area had quite a lot of new looking apartments.

Kofola is their default soda choice. It's a less sweet version of Sarsi? The husband says it tastes like dr pepper. Only 1.20!

Swing hoggers! Such a pity there aren't many swings around in Sg left; they're mostly in parks and not in the housing estates anymore.

Speaking of playgrounds, Kompani? Kompany? reigns here as well as in Sg.

Even though Bratislava isn't as pretty or historically important as Budapest, I'm very appreciative of its many shopping malls! Yesterday's Pollus was like a suburban mall, but today's one felt like Vivocity.

And they had a bubble tea store!! Seeing that entry in the store directory was my main reason for going there…you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl!

There's a circus theme for the many sculptures around eurovea mall…I made the girls pose with all that we saw!

This is being the spotter for a tightrope walker.

Putting on makeup before the show (she looks more like she's biting her fingers haha!)

Piper and his dog! The ever obliging sister playing the role of the dog…

Bubble tea!!! I ordered jasmine milk tea with lychee bubbles….yum! Good thing I ordered the largest size because the girls drank lots and super pooper kept eyeing it hungrily…

Funnily this bubble tea franchise is from London! Wonder if it's popular in London/UK? Quite affordable 3.45 for large cup no ice.

And they even had Ilao Ilao! It's quite popular in Sg right? I was quite amazed that Bratislava had a franchise here! 3 plus for a medium cup with 3 toppings!

The husband and his yogurt. He says it tastes like eating condensed milk. But he finished most of it which means it must be really good cos he's not normally a dessert person.

Ended off the day on a high note for the kids with the kiddy ride. We usually don't let them go on rides because they're quite expensive but here the rides were 50 euro cents which is insanely cheap. I don't think Sg has 1 dollar rides for 2 people anymore…

After one and a half days in Bratislava, I think this is a gd place to visit if you miss city life and shopping malls and want to stretch your dollar. Cost of living here is definitely much lower than France/Germany/Spain. Only thing is you'll probably have to drive if you want to visit the different malls and other countries to make it worth your while here.

Going to visit the caves and maybe Vienna tomorrow hope the weather stays sunny!


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