Tulips outside the hotel. Super vivid colors!

Token historical shot. This is on the Buda side of the river, probably something to do with the castle? *tour guide fail*

My daughter cannot be a paper girl.

Cake shop selling pretty cakes! I asked if they had any Hungarian cakes but they only sold cheesecakes and cake pops. V pretty place with florals and pastel colors all around.

Super impressive facade of the train station in Budapest.

Budapest really surprised me. I was expecting dreary soviet buildings and blocky architecture but everywhere is so beautiful. And even though things are basic and a little rough at the edges at certain areas the whole place just exudes an elegance and old world charm. This is one city I'll definitely want to come back to…

Our next stop – Bratislava Slovakia!

First impressions – totally different from Budapest. Feels like Jb, around the causeway area…

Staying in a really retro hotel…check out the green squarish chairs. And they have this bubble light chandelier. It reminds me of Austin powers…

Said chandelier…with mirrors on the celling somemore.

But having said that, the rooms are pretty decent with very comfortable beds and they have a nice indoor swimming pool!

This is super poopers first swim!! I'm such a lazy mom…

After the swim we were really hungry and went to search for food. Took a random bus and we were really nervous cos there wasn't a ticket vending machine at our stop and we got on without buying tickets! Thankfully civilization was nearby and we found a shopping centre. Ended up eating "Californian cuisine" at a food court. Once again it felt like the Giant kind of shopping centre! This one had a Carrefour…

Things here are in euros but still v cheap compared to France/Germany. This waffle was only 1.90 and the ice cream was 75cents! That's like half the price compared to France…

But Macs is still priced the same though, with a happy meal at 3.20 vs France's 3.50. So that's v boh hua…

Trying to find our way back to the hotel. We thought we could just cross the road and take the bus back from the opposite direction, but we walked and walked and couldn't find the stop….turns out it's a loop service and we should have just got on. Thankfully the people we asked could explain to us in English.

This is one advantage Eastern European countries have over France; they're willing to communicate in Eng! Yay!

Looking forward to seeing the more beautiful side of Slovakia tomorrow when we visit the tourist sites proper!

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