Starting and ending the day as a couch potato watching Baggage Battles and Garage Gold on Travel Channel….well it's our holiday after all!

Ok ok we did the touristy bit and went to Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel…

Basically we watched these figures move when the clock struck 11. It's errrr…ok? The bells were nice but I think this is probably overrated, esp since it's so far and small and just figures moving in a circle….

But I'm such a sucker for it anyway…I also stood around waiting for a similar thing in Bern and that wasn't even as elaborate as this one…

Made them pose at Marienplatz to show we were there…it's hot hot hot! But still ok because it's dry and not sticky with humidity! I brought our thicker jackets and it's now dead weight in the luggage…

Next we went to Viktualienmarkt which is supposed to be a 4min walk away but we Hollanded and went one big round and took us 20mins instead. A good thing resulted from our poor navigational skills though….

We found a japanese restaurant!!!! Yay! We overdosed on Bavarian food (pork pork and more pork) and were very happy to find something to suit our cheena palate!

The don was so so but the tonkatsu ramen was quite nice! And they had green tea so we were v happy campers!

(In case you ever go Munich and get sick of pork knuckles and bratwurst the restaurant is called Shoya)

After our satisfying meal we headed to the Frühlingsfest. The girls spotted the Ferris wheel from afar and kept bugging us to go.

Ok I also wanted to go up too heh. Because it's the least scary ride for adults…

Super pooper enjoyed it too! (Check out the death grip I had on the railing…)

Traveling with kids means playgrounds are must do pitstops. This playground is really nice with swings and challenging rope ladders and slides. Wish we had more of these in our area in France. And Sg!

Once again I see parents really engaging with their children. You see fathers and mothers pushing their children on the swings, climbing with them and playing together. So nice!

After that we couldn't take it anymore and decided to come back to rest in the hotel before heading out for dinner, maybe check out Allianz arena and soak up the atmosphere since Bayern was going to play tonight.

Once we reached home and saw the comfy beds and TV basically the kids (and lazy me) settled in and refused to budge…so poor Husband had to go out and forage for food. And bring super pooper along so that I cld NUA properly…

And that ends our day/time in this lovely city! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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