Egg hunt day! Our first time participating so didn't know that it was a search for seashells and pine cones rather than eggs…

the weather forecast was rainy but thankfully it was just cloudy. Perfect weather for wandering around the woods looking for their shells!

When you have two, the best is to divide and conquer…I took the younger one to walk around while the Husband deals with biggest and smallest.

It's a great way to exercise! Fresh air and lots of greenery…

Happy to complete the task! It's good that they have specific things to look for rather than eggs per se, at least everyone feels satisfied and nobody gets left out.

After they finished their task, we returned the cones and shells and got 5 chocolate eggs each. (I say we because the chocolate is gonna end up in my tummy too muahaha)

Examining her spoils…this girl is v greedy like me insisted on holding on to her chocolates which then melted in her hand and caused a gooey mess…

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