He learnt how to climb up the chair so that he could reach the mouse on the computer table. Don't know why he's so fascinated with the mouse I rarely use the laptop nowadays so it's not lit up or anything but he just likes reaching for it.

Lovely day for spending outside! So happy to have warm weather but my skin is drying out…need to be more diligent with moisturizer too

路边的野花你不要采…no2 def hasn't heard of this song before hahaha

How I'm feeling at 831pm. I'm all ready for bed but the girls are still playing and they need to take their bath, read their books and drink their milk before going to bed. The littlest is barnacle-ing to me so I'm lying down and dayre ing instead.

Gone are the days where I could tahan till 1-2am and wake up at 6:30 to start work! I look back and am amazed at how much energy I had…pre-kids.

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