Daylight savings may seem v minor with only an hour difference but it throws sleeping routines awry! Little pooper refused to sleep and even bit me while nursing!!

And now they're all asleep I'm still awake cos it's not that late…so gonna pay for it when I have to wake up and send the girls to school tomorrow ):

My baby kena haircut by the daddy. Now he looks likes daddy's mini clone!

With his hair cut, there's a scratchy feel when I caress his head. No more baby soft hair, he's growing up to be an adventurous toddler who delights in crawling around and poking fingers (literally!) where they don't belong.

At least the wispy parts don't irritate his eyes anymore 😢

So hard to get everyone to look and smile nicely at the same time now!

In 2 years, fees at my girls childcare increased 35% from 3 figures to 4…. How come?!?!?

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