Have you heard of Dr Brazelton before? I was randomly searching for books on NLB and came across his book "Learning to Listen: A Life Caring for Children" it's a very interesting read because he talks about how different cultures bring up their children to suit their unique environment and needs.

Anyway some things that might tempt you to read more

1. He talks about how lifestyle and environment affects the fetus developing. For example, he went to Japan to observe newborns and their mothers. In Tokyo where the pace of life is fast and full of loud noises, the newborn had an attention span of 18mins, whereas in Goto islands where the pace of life is slow, the newborns had a longer attention span of 30 mins! So 胎教 is quite real!!

2. This part about the confinement practice in Goto Islands, a rural part of Japan where fishing is the main industry! The mother stays in hospital for 7 days, then goes to her mother's place where "she is expected to regress completely"!!!

I can't imagine being swaddled in a blanket for a whole month…but perhaps it's a good idea for these mothers because they do lots of physical labour and confinement is Prob their only time to rest?

3. He also talks about South American and Kenyan confinement/child rearing practices and how the Kenyan children reach their physical milestones a lot earlier than Western babies perhaps because of their environment and upbringing.

So my takeaways from this book are – children can teach us a lot if we're willing to observe and we can be more open to different forms of child rearing. No need to be so insistent on ONE way.

You can borrow the book and read it for free on overdrive if you have a Sg library membership!

More confinement practices!

From Sharon heller's The Vital Touch: How Intimate Contact With Your Baby Leads To Happier, Healthier Development

The massage for an hour a day is def something I wouldn't mind…I missed having the Jamu massage done when I was here in France SOBZ. It was so nice to have someone massage all the aches and pains away…

You can read more from google books (another v wonderful site with free books/chapters)

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