Checked out the newest supermarket today and it's choke full of lovely produce. Look at those Ladyfingers!! So happy to see them. We used to have a lady finger plant and I learnt to appreciate them. Simply boil and then dip them in soya sauce. That's it!

Chinese veggie! My chinaman husband will be so happy we don't have to drive far to get our usual leafy fix!

Wondering what to do with this big white object…he tried to eat the leaves but I took them away so he settled for hitting the cauliflower haha

Read this article from and this part was a good reminder:

While books with practical tips are useful for some things, the hope they provide can be short-lived. In truth, it is in theology, in our study of who God is and what he has done, that gives us the real hope, real wisdom, and real peace that we need in our lives — the kind that lasts. It’s theology — knowing God — that anchors us in the chaos of motherhood.

So moms, theology isn’t just for pastors, teachers, and professors; it’s for you too.

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