Happy 10 months old super pooper! True to your name, you did a poonami that went allll over your pajamas and up to your shoulder blades.

At least you did it at home and not while we were out shopping!

Other than poopoos, this month you've:

1⃣grown 2 more teeth on the top which seem rather spaced apart…how come the gap is so big?!?
2⃣learnt how to fake laugh
3⃣started crawling all over the house
4⃣fallen off the bed once oops
5⃣skyped with grandma (who NEVER bothers calling except for the sake of her previous grandson)
6⃣eaten salmon,
8⃣strawberries and
9⃣oranges for the first time
🔟 which proves you're quite yau gwee!

Happy 10 months!

Hai…after being healthy for 2 months he's down with fever again)):


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