Rainy days as a couple – so romantic….slowly walk, sheltered by boyfriend, sit around and chitchat…

Rainy days as a mummy – ARGH! Quick finish your breakfast it's raining we need to set off earlier! Wear your boots! Put up your hood! Quick quick quick!

Night time, and I'm in my usual nursing position. Sometimes I read about how children can sleep through the night and I feel frustrated that mine are such bad sleepers. But it's a choice I make, because I know if I want an extended nursing relationship (and lots of time to nua) there's the downside of being a human pacifier.

Of course there are wonder women who can nurse exclusively and still have a contented little baby, but that isn't me…so I shall just grit and bear with it till I wean…

And I love cosleeping with a warm fat body. Heaps better than a staffed toy!

Totally mind blown by this…I cannot tahan the mild winters here in my part of the world, and it's amazing how people can go out for fun in climates where you need skis for your stroller!
Then again they probably can't tahan Sg heat and the lack of 4 seasons too…

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