Lovely peaceful Monday. The girls are back in school and it's just me and super pooper, who played happily by himself for about 20mins while I folded clothes. The rest of the time was spent carrying/talking/nursing him, but it's still good because there's only ONE kid and I don't have to breakup fights or referee whose turn it is to play with xx toy!

I know I find this peaceful only because I have multiple children…when I only had the queen I was a nervous wreck alone with her.

So gabra then! Sometimes I think being the eldest is such a raw deal. You're the guinea pig, the testing ground for new ideas, the one who has all the responsibility to live up to because your other siblings will imitate you. Then the others reap the benefits of experience!

But then again, only no1 had everyone's attention, the big birthday bashes and the gazillion photos to document every step of her babyhood! And she gets (mostly) new everything. So that's the good part abt being eldest!

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