Happy Valentine's Day! My flower today is courtesy of auchan (the supermarket here). So nice grocery shopping got free flower haha. Think the cashier felt sorry for us poor souls who don't celebrate vday.

Today is also 老二's birthday! Got her a present but only had Christmas wrapping paper…NEVERMIND she doesn't know how to read anyway!

The wrapping paper distracted her for a grand total of 1 minute. I think I should have just wrapped it with old magazines they like to tear more than admire.

Once you have kids, vday seems secondary. And it shrinks in significance compared to a birthday. I mean, it's kinda impossible to leave children at home and go out to enjoy a romantic dinner when it's their birthday right?

I think her birthdays next time will be v expensive for her boyfriend/suitors because it's at this sensitive time hahahaha. I hope she has good friends who value friendship more than relationships so she'll have people to celebrate with!

Meantime the family is here for her!

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