Time to update on the weekend before I forget everything…

We signed up for the french church retreat over the weekend. I wasn't very keen on going because a) it's all in French and b) we were all sick. But the Husband decided we might as well be sick at the retreat than at home, so off we went!

Since bad things all happen together, we had a flat tyre on the highway…this is a shot of us standing at the side waiting for Daddy to repair it!

It was scary because of the wind and it was getting dark. We were in the car at first but the Husband made us stand at the side "in case a car hits us from behind and we all go flying". 😨

So there we were, worrying about the trucks zooming by at 100km/hr and the Husband changing the tyre at the side which was nearest to the road.

But I'm here recording this, so you know we survived! And my kids thought it was a great adventure, judging by the smiles on their faces…

And because of the delay, we ended up at KFC. Which is really lousy in France! The chicken was tiny and dehydrated and the fries were kinda stale. But at least it filled our tummies and made us less grouchy.

And that helped because super pooper decided he didn't like to be in his car seat and cried for 1 solid hour. I felt really helpless because he just had physio for his cough (a brutal but effective way of getting phlegm out of his airways) and he needed comforting. BAD PARENTS!!!

Ok, fast forward to the camp. We stayed at this chateau and it was ok. It was warm and we had beds and an ensuite toilet/bath. Which was good, because I later found out some rooms just had a sink!
Meals were prepared by the wonderful church ladies and everything had to be brought in as there weren't any shops around.
Even though the messages were in French, our pastor sat next to us and translated most of the sermons. Yay! Although I didn't listen to most of them because of super pooper…)

The girls joined in the children's program (somewhat reluctantly) and made crowns and flags.

We also went for a short hike and looked at rolling farmland. It's a lovely place to walk if we're still here next year ill def bring my hiking shoes!

No church retreat is complete without the kids performing! They did a song in French and waved their flags about. So cute!

On Monday super pooper had to go back for another physio session….this is the before

This is after. Notice the sweaty hair, the swollen eyes and the all round look of pitiful-ness…
What they basically do is choke the baby so that he's forced to cough out the phlegm. They claim it's painless to the baby, but the mad screaming and wild kicking sure doesn't seem like painless. He turns red and blue too…but the phlegm comes out so it's all for a good cause…

This is the video for the chest physiotherapy…the mothers chatting unconcernedly while the physio works? Total rubbish!!


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