An ounce of heart knowledge is worth a ton of head learning

Yummy carbonara…rich and creamy and not too cloying.

Was able to enjoy my meal because super pooper was sleeping hooray!

He lived up to his name though; after our lunch my friend came over to chat. Sadly SP did a super poop. His pants and onesie was covered with the explosion and my friend had to cut short her visit because I had to bathe him…

Just had to take a picture of this because I find it hilarious! This is the first time I've seen an umbrella ad with a brooding male model; it doesn't go with the macho male image (for me)!

It also doesn't help that the rain drops are pastel in color (: I guess their usual female model didn't turn up that day so they were trying for a new look…whatever it is it certainly caught my attention!

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