I don't know how people with large families cope! It's starting to turn colder (7c this morning) and all the kiddos are coughing/sniffling/red eyed. It's driving me nuts!!

Ok deep breaths deep breaths. Sometime the well of positivity runs dry and you realise you need to reach beyond. Must see this as a refinement of my character, so that I "shall come forth as gold".


All the medicine to stuff into their sick bodies…in a way I'm thankful for Health insurance; most medication is subsidized here. Of course you have to pay upfront for the insurance but when you have young kids its definitely more worth it than paying per visit…when the girls were sick in Sg going to the GP and taking antibiotics would cost at least 50sgd.

I think this is how it is for most European countries? @olkgal @mrsveryvera is it the same where you are too?

Went to the supermarket for some me time so now feeling less emo. Auntiedom comes into full force when you stay at home – groceries are so enticing!


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