This week has been crazy because the older one is sick. I foresee it spreading to no2 and then didi, but we'll just take things as they come…

Anyway I've decided it's time to do the 20 things meme! Can't really decide what to write so anyhow whack then edit later…

1⃣ I'm the only girl and have 3 brothers. But since I'm 老二 and the age differences between my younger brothers and I are quite big (my 5years and 10years!) I feel more like their 2nd mother than a sister!

2⃣ Because I come from a relatively large family, I've always wanted just 2 kids. Bwahaha. But God is gracious because my girls have each other for a sister! (Ive always wanted a sister!) And with a brother they won't be totally clueless about boys!

3⃣ I'm a book addict. When I was younger I remember reading and reading and reading. In fact I was obsessed to the point that I would read while walking home from my grandma's. I would run and stand under the lamp post to read and wait for my mom to catch up, then run to the next one and so on until I reached home. Slightly OCD you think?

4⃣ And because of my incessant book reading I am really short sighted! Before LASIK I think my degree was about 1000. Each eye. Eek! And I started wearing glasses really young…about 7?

5⃣ I have a terrible habit of snacking while I'm reading. It's almost like a reflex! So in order to lose weight I need to stop reading haha.

6⃣ Because I love books, it seemed a no brainer to do a literature degree during university.
In the home of English literature – England (or "my motherland" as the Husband jokingly calls it)!
I chose York because it sounded quaint and ancient and interesting and I had vague memories of it when we went during a sec3 lit trip.
The uni was built in the 60s, made of concrete and was next to a farm where there were cows and Shetland ponies grazing. MAJOR CULTURE SHOCK for Sg city girl man….

7⃣ Since Uni was in a nice ulu place, I learnt a lot there because there wasn't anything to DO and winters were long and dark…(how do the Brits take their drizzly, cold and dark climate?!? No wonder they have a stiff upper lip!) I picked up watching anime and mahjong! My first anime series was fushigi yuugi! Total melodrama and super corny but it got me through the long winter nights!

As for mahjong, we taught it to our Brit housemates and it was hilarious hearing them say PENG "pong"!

Ah it's really hard to think about things to say! Esp when momentum is lost because of having to feed children and stuff!

8⃣ Speaking of kids, I was such a goondu first time mother😂 I read this book Babywise which was highly recommended by a few friends and wanted to implement EVERYTHING. Sad to say the Queen didn't read Babywise and didn't get on with the plan…she had her own plans for world domination which involved waking up multiple times and nursing whenever.

9⃣I love to sleep. I can sleep anywhere and everywhere. The lack of nighttime sleep is my greatest trial as a mother. Because I want to breastfeed my babies for as long as possible, I have to wake up and nurse them to ensure my supply remains enough.

I'm thankful that I get to nap in the day sometimes! That's enough for now…

🔟 I am a chocoholic. I love it in all forms. Maybe not raw. Other than that, bring it on!
Sadly my husband doesn't have a sweet tooth. Never mind all the more for me muahaha. But this means whenever I bake something chocolatey I have to finish it on my own.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips…

1⃣1⃣ I've tried learning Japanese, French and Hebrew. I did HCL in sec school but I got a d7… I think this means I'm effectively monolingual.

1⃣2⃣ Even though I'm in France now, I can't speak French to save my life. And the irony is that I actually took it for 2 years (in sec 1&2), had to take a module in French literature in Uni which was the ONLY module I had to sit for an exam (the rest were essay based). Thank God it was a prac crit of a excerpt of a French novel; my Singapore mugger skills came in handy because I memorized all the important passages and used my half past 6 French to figure out which passage it was…so I passed!

1⃣3⃣ I used to play volleyball in school. Not the smartest of choices considering I'm never hit 1.6m…

It was the SBC volleyball show that inspired me! You know, the one with chen liping and chen xiuhuan.

Hmm my life is a freaky parallel of chen liping's! She acted in the volleyball show, became famous as aiyoyo and grew plus sized. I played volleyball, became a teacher and also became plus sized!

At least I didn't take any slim10 pills…

1⃣4⃣ My first (and only) proper job is a teacher. I'm currently on NPL (no pay leave) to look after my kids, and I do intend to go back…some day!
The great thing about teaching is that you're never bored. The bad thing about teaching is the marking. And meetings. And endless administration.
I'm not a super inspirational teacher (at all), but I have met wonderful colleagues who inspire! @mingy you're one of them!

1⃣5⃣Edelweiss is my given name. My mom chose it because she said her best friend liked it. WHAT KIND OF REASON IS THAT?!?

Good thing I'm not small or white. It's been a mixed bag having a unique name. I was stopped on a train once by a customs officer who was so tickled by my name. (Edelweiss! It's a flower in my country! You know?) that was in the middle of the night and all I wanted to do was SLEEP!!
But it also helps people remember me. And it's rare to meet people with the same name!

1⃣6⃣ All my life, I pronounced my name as ay-del-wise. If you want to be anal about it, it's actually supposed to be ay-del-VISE.
It's my parents idea of a joke, because they want me to be wise.
But I've had to endure lots of bad variants: elderwise, EEdel-wiz and the worst – elder-wiser.
I'm v reluctant to correct their mispronunciation, so I let them be. Or is that worse?

All the same my kids have v normal names. No chance of not knowing how to say it.

1⃣7⃣ I'm a lefty. My older brother was a lefty but my mom forced him to use his right hand to write instead. 2 years later I came along and she decided to leave me be.
It's useful when playing sports (because opponents don't expect the angle) but such a pain when writing! (Except in Hebrew! It's from right to left)
My whole hand would be black and smeared with liquid paper after exams…esp lit papers which were 3hrs long and filled with non stop writing!

1⃣8⃣ I don't know if it's because of my left handedness or what, but I tend to mix left and right up. I need to consciously remember that left is my writing hand and move it when I want to go left. So when people tell me which way to go I can't react immediately.

Which makes me a lousy driver and super reliant on my GPS!

This also happens for clockwise and anti clockwise too. I need to do the motion with my hands before I get it get it. Does this make sense?

1⃣9⃣ Or maybe I just have poor spatial awareness. I've fallen into drains, tripped over non existent kerbs and knocked into table edges more times than I can remember. I scraped my shin badly once during a spin class. My foot slipped off the pedal and it hit me hard enough to bleed!
Super malu to be injured riding a stationery bike…

I hope my kids don't take after my klutziness!!

Yay last one!
2⃣0⃣ I'm easily caught up in whatever I read/watch/listen to. Tears would flow when I watch tv and sad music started playing….and when characters died it was my cue to start bawling.

My mom was v practical. She said that they were just acting, and when they died after that they could go and have their coffee break. Haha!
So now, that's how I keep myself from sniffling; I just tell myself they're gonna lim kopi after!

But thai commercials and those petronas CNY adverts still get the tear ducts flowing! Oh well it's good to let it go once in a while! V cathartic!

Ok over! Thanks @littlemisshappygrumps for the #20factsaboutme tag and if you have the time @mingy @raisingfaith do share!

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