Another dayre recipe from @cuisineparadise

It's the sweet and vinegar spare ribs recipe! I wanted to find more uses for my happycall pan so I was v happy to see a recipe specifically for it. (You can do it in a normal pot as well but the sauce might stick to it?)

Verdict? My kids like it! They like holding on to the bones and gnawing it like cavewomen…my husband prefers it more sour so I guess I have to decrease the sugar.

Looking forward to trying more #dayrerecipes!

I went on a date with the Husband today!!! The last time we went for a proper date (not to run errands or go to the supermarket) was 2 years ago I think. Thank God my mom agreed to stay at home and look after super pooper, and that I had some pumped milk on the ready!

Being a momentous occasion, we (ok I) decided to go for a nice meal! The husband let me choose so I went for a Michelin star restaurant muahaha. It's probably my ONLY chance to eat atas food here sans kids! Must grab!!

The restaurant is called La Guérinière and it serves modern cuisine. It's a hotel restaurant so the tables are right next to the pool. (There's indoor seating but angmohs like to sit outside during summer. Also there's no airconditioning for this restaurant. Something Sgporeans def can't get used to haha!)

I told my husband I felt like I was at a condo pool and won't the hotel guests feel weird using the pool when people are eating right at the edge??

It's not the biggest pool too so if people do laps they'll literally splash our tables haha! But anyway nobody used the pool while we were there. I guess people also feel paiseh to swim while there are diners…or maybe they prefer to go to the beach! (We're near the coast with pretty beaches!)

Ok on to the food! This is their snack. It's all tomato based so the canele and churro were both savory. The canele was by favorite because it had a nice muffin like texture. The churro was good cos it had a nice tomato pesto dip accompaniment (I'm a sucker for dips). The tomato jelly thing was bleah; I'm not a fan of these puréed modern food reminds me of baby food heh.

Amuse bouche – this was sardine with red peppers and some olive oil.
Not bad cos it was very fresh but the husband and I said that we could recreate this at home easily haha! Actually this is my MIL's favorite comment when she goes out for meals with us, esp Chinese meals! That and "the food is so salty eat at home better"!

I think good cooks all prefer their own cooking!

My husband's starter- tuna something with something…actually for every course the server will explain every part of the dish very seriously. Sadly it's in French and we only understood about 30% 😂All the same we said oui and d'accord after she finished so that she wouldn't feel her effort was wasted haha!

The tuna was chewy and had a nice flavor. He said it reminded him of cuttlefish. I think we liked it cos there were some Asian flavors.

Our mains! Mine was duck in different ways and his was lobster deconstructed.
This is prob where the magic is! There's a lot of effort in the presentation and the pairing of food in different flavors and textures was refreshing!
For the duck, I liked the 2nd (meat rolled in popiah like skin) and last (mushroom thingy) bit best. There was one which tasted like 卤鸭 but not as succulent. Probably soya sauce is more exotic to the French!

My dessert! Chocolate in different forms. I was v suaku and tried to cut the box, and the server told me to just open it so that the 4 walls will fall apart. Oops!

Oh and my husband insisted on taking the dessert in this isometric angle cos it looks more artistic haha!

The husband's dessert – tomato thingy with ice cream! It sounds weird but it's quite good. In fact I think this dessert is more worth it compared to my chocolate one, because it's more unique.
It's a little like candied fruit and there a melange of different tastes and textures – sweet and savory, soft and crunchy, warm and cold. Very interesting!

Post dessert snack – I think this is meant to be paired with coffee. There's the usual macaron, nougatine, canele (normal sweet one phew!), panna cotta and a weird cake soaked in bitter fruit liquor (the centre one)

The macaron was apple flavored I think. The canele had a very interesting aftertaste. Maybe it was bergamot?

The meal aside, it was nice to just hold hands and walk with the Husband. (It's IMPOSSIBLE to hold hands outside when you have kids. You have to hold their hands, pick up after them, carry their barang barang and remain on high alert!) And to talk about adult stuff. And to just enjoy one another's company.

I guess it's all the more precious because its highly unlikely to happen again anytime soon! Oh well, when the kids grow older we'll have all the time in the world to date!

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