My handsome husband, cute son and blur daughter! Along with watermelon face me…

Seriously photo taking is all about the angle! (At least for pleasantly plump people like me hahaha)

The photo above was taken by my mother, who doesn't really care about angles and perspectives. I remember when I was sec3 and went on a school trip to UK, I took lots of landscapes and architecture photos cos it was so new and exciting! And when she saw them, she said,

"Why your photos no people so boring!" 😭 So a photo is to document the moment for people, and she doesn't care how they look haha.

This photo is taken by my husband, who has mastered the art of making his wife look better than real life!

So yeah, it's definitely the angles…

and after seeing the photos I did some squats today 💪 cannot rely on camera tricks!

And my cutie pies, who need no camera tricks to look good!

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