First day of school!

Instead of driving we decided to cycle because they woke up so early and were bursting to go to school!

It was supposed to be a "smelling the roses" moment ala #prootw but I got stressed cos the younger one kept veering to the middle is the road…all the same the air was fresh, the motorists were kind and we made it in one piece yay!

Their triumphant smiles! I'm actually very proud of them, because the bicycles are quite heavy and it's hard to cycle with them! (Don't get conned into buying cartoon themed products…the money is probably spent on merchandizing Rather than quality!!)

So how did they take to school? The older one was holding her best friend's hand when suddenly she realised they were in different classes…😭😭 thank God she didn't cry and went into her class alone blur-ly

The younger one was raring to go into her class. Hung her jacket, placed her bag into the cubby hole and marched right in confidently. She said byebye! Very loudly, sat down and proceeded to play with puzzles.

I was like YES! and walked out of the door.

2 seconds later, I heard the loudest cry and it was no2…upon realizing I had to go she wailed and wanted to go home. Sigh. Thankfully the teacher aide carried her and I hope as of now she has stopped crying!

Will update more after school…

Yay! School's out for the day! I picked up the older E first cos she's nearer to the entrance and the teacher said she was ok, "petit fatigué" and the younger J was all "mama mama" when she saw me but no big bout of tears! And they both happily downed their drink so all's well!

Thank God for seeing them through the first day, and may the rest of the week proceed smoothly!

Model-esque pose by E

Her sister has a willowy figure and she has a charming face. God is fair!

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