Hello! Long time no post because I had to recover from my holiday…but the Husband said I had to update cos he is my loyal fan so here is our trip report!

Our original plan was to fly to Milan then drive to Switzerland, but because super pooper's passport didn't reach on time we had to take a domestic flight to Nice and drive from there instead.

So our itinerary was: Nice-Genoa (1night)- Ponte Tresa (2 nights)- Bern/Interlaken (2 nights) – Milan (1 night) – Nice (1 night)

The weather was quite contrasting. Nice was nice (heh heh), tropical weather like Sg but not so humid…Genoa was normal, Ponte Tresa was wet wet wet and Switzerland was drizzly and cold up the mountains. I didn't pack enough warm clothing for the boy so he ended up wearing his pyjamas and being wrapped like a mummy for the cold bits..(note to self: Switerland is always cold don't believe weather reports…)

Tbh, we're very lazy travelers. By that I mean we don't read up on the history of the place, research things to do/mark out places to see beforehand. Our MO is more like the Husband finding cheap tickets or feeling the urge to travel, I agree then we reach the area and google tripadvisor on what to do/eat/see. Usually we'll go towards the old town area and walk a little before I get grouchy and demand food. My poor mom must have felt so sian cos we didn't know anything abt the buildings/place ha

So this was in Genoa, where we went to a nice restaurant and had great steak, lobster linguine and prawn pasta! Then we walked and admired the buildings while eating gelato (or was it yoghurt icecream?) and saw a demonstration for peace in Palestine. That's it for Genoa…at least in my memory!

The next day we drove to Varese Italy where the Hubby stayed last June for a month, admired the Hermes etc shop displays, ate more gelato there and made our way across the border to Switzerland. Our apt had a lovely view of Lugano lake and we nuaed quite a bit here cos it was so drizzly. In fact we were so bored we went to the Foxtown outlet even though we're not shopping freaks. It was PACKED with Mainland chinese and Middle Eastern tourists who thronged the prada/ferragamo/Gucci etc stores!

I suppose the sales were quite worth it? I tried on a few pairs of SF flats but they were v stiff and uncomfy…so now I know how they're like heh heh. I saw a lady carrying 5 boxes to the counter though 😱

My favorite store was the Lindt outlet ((: was tempted to buy more choc back but I 忍… They had a pick and mix section and the girls had a good time choosing 3 chocolates for themselves! (I had to make sure they chose the same types though…when u have siblings fairness is PARAMOUNT)

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