#bookreview time! I absolutely loved this book it was funny and touching and illuminating all at the same time.

The main character Don Tillman is a genetics professor who is in search of a wife. Being socially inept, he decides the best way to find a mate is through scientific means aka a questionnaire. The story is told through his perspective, and we see how he puzzles his way through relationships into love.

I love it because it takes stereotypes and turns them on the head.

At first, he's portrayed as the typical mega geek with an obsession with schedules and routines. But as the book proceeds, we find out that he is a lean mean fighting machine (hilarious scene when he beats up bouncers without quite knowing why), a great chef (as part of his method to minimize fuss he cooks the same meal – lobster! Every Tuesday) and an all round nice guy who in his own way does the best he can for everyone.

Best of all, there's a happy ending! So yes, I highly recommend this

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