Kee chiu! I think this looks like the Statue of Liberty pose, my friend thinks he looks like chan Chun Seng (Sg politician) rallying for votes!

Whatever it is, it's a cause for celebration, because day3 swaddling worked from 11-4 again! But he was so hot after that he kept waking up at 6,7 and 8. ITZ OK I HAZ ENOUGH SLEEP I can take the nonsense!

My favorite Friday is here so I shall be happy! Another piece of #parentingadvice I read:

Fake it till you make it! (Real life also can use act)

Another outing with just the 2! Celebrating a wife's birthday at pyla sur mer!

Another beautiful beachfront; no wonder it's so crowded during summer here!!

Had to eat healthy because the 2 girls were with me and I needed to finish up their food…quite yummy but I'm a meat person so I was looking longingly at the steak and fish and mussels the other ladies were enjoying…

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