Swaddle day 2 – slept from 11-330am. Still working but not as effective as the first day!

Today wasn't too good. It's been a series of spills, messes, fighting, whining and losing items kinda day. Just woke up from my nap and I'm determined the rest of the day will be better (its 530pm now)

Read somewhere to refocus my thoughts with "because" instead of "if"..,eg "if I had no children I would have peace and quiet vs "because I have 3 children my life is filled with laughter"

Basically it's thinking positively and focusing on gratitude.

Start small start small lah

So I shall write down a few thoughts to reflect:

"Because my husband has a good job, I can stay at home and look after my children without worrying about financial expenses."

"Because we're all together I can train them in the way they ought to go."

"Because I am blessed with children, my life is never routine."

(This is v bad for my English teacher brain because we are told never to start sentences with because)

Ok happy exercise over!

Ok 1033 and I managed to be nice and calm and polite. Phew!

Of course it helps that I had my mom and husband around…

Will work hard tomorrow and rely on God's grace! Yeah

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