This is me most of the time now…I dunno how people can lose weight nursing it turns me into an eating machine!!

Or maybe I'm an eating machine most of the time and this is a good excuse…


Too happy to sleep! Super pooper slept from11-4 this morning, woke up to drink till 430, burped and placed down and went back to sleep without fussing…this is his best record so far (not counting the beginning when he slept from 11-6 because he was too small and tired to nurse and had to be hospitalized)

So ironic; I get grouchy when he wakes me up constantly to nurse; now when he can sleep I am too happy to sleep. Can't be grouchy later!!

Yay had some friends over today! It's nice to talk to adults other than the Husband and my mother; I'm an extrovert by nature and feel energized interacting with people!
Which is why I'm very grateful for the Internet and social media. When I'm alone at home with 3 kids below 5 at least there is social interaction with people from all over the world! (Ok mainly SE Asia haha)

Here's to more gatherings!

Today is a lemony sort of day. We got some lemon basil last Sat from the Laotian veggie can and I used it to roast Chicken and it was super tasty! The smell of the basil is really citrusy and sweet; we're def gonna buy more this sat!

Then I made lemongrass tea as well, because we bought lemongrass too haha. Anyway it's supposed to be good for detox and getting rid of wind, so hopefully super pooper will have less trouble farting!

So yes, lemony tastes without the bitterness of lemons!

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