#bookreview time! (V free while nursing Superpooper heh)

This is by the same author of #chains, but it is a modern setting, unlike chains which is more of historical fiction. I like how Anderson doesn't sugarcoat reality- this is high school life in all it's grit and grime. They have lockdown drills (in case of shootings), teens are questioning if they can afford collage and parents have their own problems to handle.

Yet there is beauty to be found – when the narrator Haley reaches out to form connections with friends, when she confronts her father who was about to commit suicide, when she realises that she is strong enough to go on.

This is why I love reading; you immerse yourself in a totally different reality yet find out that there are truths that apply universally. What it means to be human, and the struggles that we face.

Give this a shot too!

#youngadult #fiction #theimpossibleknifeofmemory #highschool

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